Do you think you could spot your perfect partner without seeing them?

Blind Date, the world’s greatest dating show, is coming to Australia in 2018 and Julia Morris is stepping into the role of mischievous matchmaker!  

Channel Ten are looking for outgoing single men and women of all ages to take part and have a shot at picking their ideal partner through a series of fun and cheeky questions.  

Blind Date is all about having a laugh and hopefully finding true love along the way…


1. In order to be eligible to be considered as a participant in Blind Date (the ‘Program’), when you click Submit you must be:

  • Genuinely Single!
  • 18 years or older.
  • An Australian citizen or resident.
  • Not any employee of any of Playmaker Media or Network Ten’s companies, and not living with or closely related to any of their employees.

2. Your application can only be submitted online.  You must answer all the questions honestly, truthfully and accurately.

3. We won’t reply to everyone - you will only hear from us if you have been invited to interview/audition. 

4. All of Playmaker's decisions regarding participants and the Program are final. 

5. If you’re contacted to attend for filming, you will be unable to work your normal employment for approx 2 days during the July 2018 shoot period in Sydney.  During that time your reasonable flights, accommodation and meals will be provided by Playmaker.

6. If selected as a ‘winner’ in the episode you participate in, you may go on a short holiday within Australia with a chaperone who will accompany you and be present at all times.

7. The application process will involve questions about your criminal history.  You must disclose full details of any criminal history including all charges (but excluding minor driving offences which have not resulted in a driving ban or jail sentence).   You consent to Playmaker conducting a criminal history background check on you.

8. The application process will involve questions about your mental health & medical history.  You must disclose to Playmaker if you have any medical and mental health history including illness and treatment.  You understand and agree that Playmaker may at its discretion arrange a meeting between you and a medical professional(s), including a psychologist, in order to obtain professional opinions to contribute to assessing your suitability for participation in the Program.  You agree by submitting an application form that you will attend any such meeting arranged by Playmaker if you wish to continue in the process for selection as a contestant in the Program. 


  • Please provide 2 recent photographs (taken within the past 6 weeks), being one head shot and one full length shot.
  • You may also provide a short video which is optional to increase your chances for selection.  In your video, describe for us in 20 seconds your ideal partner.  Have some fun and make us laugh!